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From Dream To Reality:
Our Ministry has a mandate to spread the Gracious Gospel of Jesus Christ Making Disciples throughout the world. We invite you to browse through our site and be blessed by the Lord. We have a number of teaching resources available to strengthen your Christian walk with Jesus Christ, events for you to attend and information & photographs for you to view. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time either by phone, post or e-mail Contacts on our Contact Page. God bless you and we look forward to hear from you. God bless you.

Our Vision:
Christ Is Alive, London is part of International Ministries, registered as a charity in the United Kingdom, which has been called and established by God. Our vision is to build a people of prayer and worship from all nationalities establishing the mandate of God here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Our KIngdom:
At Christ Is Alive we focus on:

Making disciples.
Equipping disciples for ministry.
Encouraging diversity.
Vision and purpose.
Biblical emphases (doctrine, preaching, fellowship, worship).
Helping minority groups to increase their capacity through our consultancy services.
Career and personal development.


Our Mission:
Christ Is Alive has the call to share the salvation of God through Jesus Christ in Europe and in rural communities in developing countries in Africa and Asia. At our meetings you will hear the simple, undiluted Word of God that will not only help you to make it to Heaven but also be blessed as you remain on earth enjoying life to the fullest. We believe in holiness and integrity. We seek to establish a non-traditional Christian church where Christian professionals will team up to serve communities by making their professional skills available to the disadvantaged. The church is therefore involved in both church engagements and also serves as a consortium of professionals.